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Since a mechanical ventilator, in the form of negative-pressure ventilation, first appeared 200 years ago, there have been limited innovations on improving respiratory functions. Inspired by loaches and other organisms that utilize intestinal air breathing, the research team at the Takebe Lab demonstrated the effectiveness of an enteral ventilation approach in attaining systemic oxygenation in both rodent and porcine models. The intra-rectal delivery of a liquid form of O2 (oxygen) with perfluorocarbon was very well tolerated and efficacious in ameliorating severe respiratory failure. Perfluorocarbon is a compound well-established for use in clinics for liquid ventilation through airway administration.

The recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic highlighted how the clinical need for mechanical ventilators and artificial lungs can be easily overwhelmed, resulting in a global critical shortage of available devices and endangering patients’ lives. By repurposing the distal gut as an accessary breathing organ, EVA (Enteral VentilAtion) therapy can offer an alternative adjunct to save the countless lives of patients in need of respiratory support.

This technology is the foundation of our newly established bio-venture corporation, EVA Therapeutics, Inc.

Takanori Takebe, MD, Ph.D.



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Okabe R, Chen-Yoshikawa T-Y, Yoneyama Y, Yokoyama Y, Tanaka S, Yoshizawa A, Thompson W-L, Kannan G, Kobayashi E, Date H, Takebe T. Mammalian Enteral Ventilation Ameliorates Respiratory Failure, MED, in press.

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Kelly C-J, Enteral ventilation via anus: You can hold your breath,MED, in press.

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